Thursday, October 15, 2009

the virtual birthday wish list

As my apartment smelled more and more of mildewy grossness today as I was waiting for our building manager to come remedy the issue, while I was nursing a fussy baby who is nursing his way through a growth spurt, I decided a great use of my time would be to compile a birthday wish list. It is less than a month away!

Target has a creme brulee set on sale for $24.99
brulee set

Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences, here in SF, have a book that coincides with one of their exhibits. The pictures are gorgeous and I could use it in my classroom!
evidence book

After watching the HBO special on Maurice Sendak (from Spike Jonze) and "A Closer Look" which is the making of the film, I am stoked to read this book. I'd like to add it to the Kastner library.

Emily W pointed me in the direction of these Frye look-a-likes at Target.

And I would love to rock these wares from Marc by Marc...a girl can dream how to fill her closet.

This sweater AND the shoes...

And this sweater...
ruffle sweater

And this jacket would be perfect for my chilly SF walks with Jack...

That's all. ha!

1 comment:

Amber said...

I have that creme brulee kit, well a similar one anyway. yummmmmm creme brulee. Also Dave Eggers = good reads!

yay birthday ideas!


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