Tuesday, June 02, 2009

inspiration needed

So I am feeling like quite the useless bump on a log lately. The energy is draining from me, once again. That burst of energy and motivation that was briefly here in my second trimester is fading away. I am feeling so anxious and guilty that I am not really doing anything creative/interesting with my time other than watching bad tv when I get home from school.

Now that summer is basically here, I have a couple projects that I am going to get started on. I'm back in the world of knitting...I pulled out my favorite little knitting book, and I am going to make a baby blanket and some booties, to get started.

The book:
knitting pretty

AND, I found a cute idea for a mobile on the CRAFT blog. I have so much cute scrap fabric that I haven't been able to throw away...this mobile is the perfect solution!

So I'll be on the hunt to find other cute projects that can make me feel like less of a slug!

Real promise:
Baby bump pics coming very soon!


dianne said...

awww what a cute mobile!!

Amber said...

we should have a craft day, sit around knitting, painting, crocheting, whatever watching movies and snacking! I've been painting a lot myself but I need to get the sewing machine out of hibernation.


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