Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lip syncin'

So, most of you know that I am a teacher. At the high school I work at we have a lot of fun rallies throughout the year. Our students are so spirited...after all we did win "Most Spirited School of the Bay" which the prize was a surprise concert from Flo Rida! haha

Our students aren't the only ones who are spirited! We have an annual "Lip Sync Rally" with a theme that's a class competition. Last year was Movie Soundtracks, and this year the theme was something like "Old/New" where you had to use a song that has been used in a new song. Not only do the students enjoy it, but the teachers get in on the fun too!

For last year's "Movie Soundtrack" theme the teachers did a lil' routine to "Stomp the Yard". !!! You can't really hear the music over the students going crazy! (hint: I'm the one who fixes the bottom of my pants somewhere in the middle!)

One this year we did a Punjabi/Jay-Z routine. You can't miss me. I'm in red with a preggo belly! My favorite part of this is when the student recording it says, "She's so cute! She's pregnant!" haha


Alison said...

That looks like so much fun!! I bet the students love watching their teachers participate like that. I wish my school did fun stuff like that, but 90% of the teachers I work with are total sticks in the mud :(

Lauren said...

OMG! That is so amazing! I laughed so hard my eyes teared up!


Kim said...

you were always good at shakin that booty!



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