Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just a few

moments that are worth noting:

a skipping contest to the text book room.

shelves! finally - a place for my cherished things - E.T. figure, plush baby rhino, perfect skipping stones, handmade metal goods, etc.

crossing 8 things off of the longest to-do list in ten minutes today

a home-cooked meal never tasted so good - oh yeah, I love to cook...seem to have forgotten

moments to look forward to:

landing in Rome, getting the passport stamped

a 26th birthday in Venice

a break from a busy, busy life


Kim said...

i'm so excited for you!

dianne said...

Passport stamps are the best...you should try to get one in france too...

ps...i didn't know you had a blog...i'm adding you to my list!



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