Tuesday, September 23, 2008

defining the words busy and hard-working

My days start at 5:40 am and end at 6 pm. If I have class they end at 9 pm. Work has never been my life, it's always been a part of it, but never always on my mind. I've always had some internal time clock where I could punch in and out of work. Staying late, heading in early, taking things to do at home or on the commute were never a part of my everyday routine.

The times they are a changin'.

I went to update my blog right now and I have nothing interesting to write. I can tell you how great it felt to put a dent in all the biology grading I've been avoiding. I can tell you how I scored the highest on the first test in my class. I've been working so hard on that class.

Oh! The most interesting, adorable, and humorous thing I can think of would be my student with asberger's (sp?) seeking my advice on his "lovesickness". Being pressured to give "my two cents on the matter" I awkwardly advised him to be himself, take it slow and play it cool. Today, while I was explaining the assignment to the entire class, he stood up and walked over to a female student and loudly said, "Hey Vanessa, you're friends with Megan, right? I'm gonna ask her on a date. I'm gonna play it cool and keep it safe. Right, Mrs. Kastner?" A few kids giggled and we all smiled as I told him to have a seat and talk about his love life later. As he sat down he let out a laugh and said to himself, "I am so lovesick you guys." I really love how that whole class is so nice to him. Everyone was wishing him the best of luck as they all went off to lunch.

That's my life lately.

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Alison said...

That is the cutest story ever!

As for getting a picture of Dan's twin in Virginia, I'd really have to try and get him on video so you could fully see what I mean. I'll have to try and sneak a picture of him anyway, haha.


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