Friday, March 14, 2008

stomped the yard

there is an annual "lip sync" rally at the high school i work at where all the classes (senior, junior, etc.) put together dance routines and lip sync. each class chooses a few songs. they have spent weeks preparing, stressing, and getting excited about their routines. meanwhile, the teachers put together something every year as well. the theme this year was "movies" and i jokingly suggested "stomp the yard" when we were deciding what we would do. that ended up being our choice and we have spent weeks practicing this choreographed routine. the rally was today and the students flipped when they saw all of us in black baggy clothes, with flat brim hats, and sagging our pants. so funny! they went NUTS when we started the routine, and were so loud we could barely hear the music, even though there was only music for a few parts. it was a lot of fun. my students were coming up to me and hugging me, so excited. it was pretty funny. one student was like, "i can't believe the teachers can dance like that! we have awesome teachers here!"

i'll post the video when it's on YouTube. such entertainment!

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