Thursday, August 09, 2007

Distance makes the heart grow fonder: Part One

We're here! After what seemed like the longest road trip ever, which actually was for us, we made it to the city by the bay. As we were walking around today we were laughing at the spectacle this trip has been thus far. After claiming we were going to leave at 5 in the morning on Saturday the 4th of August, we ended up leaving 2 pm on Monday. I really hate packing. I'm not sure there's anyone who loves to pack. If there is any such person, I'd like to meet them. I wonder what they look like.

Surprisingly enough, had across the entire country with two dogs, two people, and a bunch of stuff in a VW Golf was not a bad, uncomfortable, or frustrating experience. People who actually know our dogs would have been very impressed. Frustrating moments have come when we've been outside of our car, for the most part. The crazy thunderstorm in Des Moines caused us to pull over to a motel to sleep for the night. Worst idea ever. We snuck two dogs who had been in a car for 10 hours (on and off) into a room which clearly posted the "$50 FINE FOR DOGS" on the mirror. Blitz, who despises thunder and rain, was a mess trying to hide under the bed as Pigeon freaked out any time she heard footsteps. We snuck out pretty early, and avoided a fine. I spent the majority of the night holding her mouth shut and trying to calm her down. The flat tire in the middle of Nebraska was not at all as stressful as it could have been. I was woken up by a man screaming from his car next to us as we were going 80+ MPH, "YOU'RE TIRE! YOU'RE TIRE!!!" I groggily responded, "THANK YOU!" Lucky for us the next random town had a tire repair business along with the three other businesses of the town.

We rolled in Wednesday afternoon, and scrambled around coffee shops and ice cream shop to find outlets to charge our phones which had been powerless since Wyoming. We stumbled into some TBS-ers, strangely enough. Then met up with some Creatures who are now providing shelter for us. I am forever indebted to Heather, Allen, and David!

I'm off to watch a movie in the park. How great is that?!

Part 2 coming on the edge of your seat! Drama ensues!

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