Wednesday, June 09, 2004

where is this lady? and where are her medications?

Watching my little friend Clare is too much fun. While at the park today we got accosted by a slightly psycho woman riding a green Schwinn and wearing an obscenely large straw hat. This is Clarkston. Who let this lady in?

I was lifting Clare across the monkey bars next to the large train jungle gym when out of the corner of my eye, what do I see? Ah yes, this wild arm-flailing bony lady. I grabbed Clare when she started screaming, "Is that your baby? I said, is that YOUR baby?" She went on to lecture me why a small toddler like Clare should not be wearing glasses due to the fact that optomitrists are only out for my money. She started to walk towards us holding up three fingers, screaming, "Hey baby, how many fingers am I holding up?"

What am I doing now? Guess. Yes. I am laughing, as I always do at such inconvenient moments.

I started to get mad that this lady was trying to get in Clare's face, and Clare looked rather disturbed. She's a two year old little girl getting accosted for wearing eye glasses. How sad. They look so cute on her. So, I screamed at this lady. I've never really screamed at people outside my family.

Crazy Schwinn sprints off muttering things loudly as she climbs back on her bicycle.

Poor Clare. She has never disliked her glasses. Now she is in the habit of taking them off and handing them to me as she shakes her head no.

That lady better hope she never crosses the path of Emily Anne Hallman. I will kick her in the face and steal her green Schwinn.

(That Schwinn was hott.)

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